A Full Service Law Firm Serving Clients In Birmingham And Throughout Alabama

I am an attorney based in Birmingham, AL.  With over 33 years of experience in the legal field, I have extensive knowledge and experience in representing and counseling clients in Birmingham, Alabama and around the country. I am committed to finding the best possible solutions for my clients, taking into careful consideration their unique circumstances and needs. When you need professional legal advice in Birmingham or anywhere in Alabama, you can count on me for quality, dedicated legal services.

Dedicated To My Clients

I take pride in providing my clients with peace of mind by equipping them with the information and quality legal representation they need. My promise to you as your attorney is that I will always be thorough and that I will do everything I can to stand up for your best interests. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, an individual or a corporation, I am capable of handling your case with the attention and persistence you deserve.
Meeting in an office, lawyers or attorneys discussing a document or contract agreement in Birmingham

Areas of Legal Services

While engaged in the general practice of law, I focus mainly on litigation matters, including
  •      Employment and Labor Law
  •      Personal Injury and Death
  •      Car/Truck Accidents
  •      Slip and Falls
  •      Criminal Defense/DUI
  •      Construction Disputes
  •      Commercial Disputes/Insurance Disputes
  •      Arbitration/Mediation
  •      Intellectual Property Disputes
  •      Contract disputes.
I also counsel employers on policies and procedures, labor audits, and other legal ramifications of doing business.
If you are looking for legal advice or representation in any of these areas, please feel free to call me for a consultation. I have experience in a wide range of legal fields, so when you require counsel in other areas as well, I’m happy to assist you.

Serving Clients in Birmingham and Throughout Alabama

If you live in Birmingham or anywhere in Alabama and you need sound legal advice to help you get through your current situation with confidence and clarity, call my office today. Once we schedule a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you, I will be able to assess your options and offer you my advice on how best to proceed as your lawyer. I am committed to helping you find solutions! 

Call or email today to schedule a consultation! (205) 902-9005 or danielburnick@gmail.com

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